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Systemic Relational Family Constellation Work

We are all impacted by our relationships. Seen and unseen.

Systemic and Family Constellation Work is generational healing that supports the resolution of inherited trauma and familial patterns that are often beyond conscious awareness and guides the family system toward wholeness.

When we are born we not only inherit our physiology, we also inherit family behavior patterns that may have been carried for generations.

Constellation work helps release

  • Personal challenges
  • Dysfunctional family patterns
  • Barriers to joy, freedom, health, and prosperity
  • —Tunde Horvath Master Certified Coach Founder of Gestalt Coaching Center
    I have experienced Camille Adair teaching and working in different group settings several times. I’m a Master Coach certified by the International Coach Federation, and I’ve seen many teachers and trainers both in the US and Europe in the past two decades. Camille is a world class professional whose vast knowledge, deep insights, and gentle, but very grounded presence, creates amazing experiential shifts both at the individual, as well as group level. She’s a true inspiration who takes her own learning and development as seriously as her clients’ journey.
    —Tunde Horvath Master Certified Coach Founder of Gestalt Coaching Center

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