Systemic and Family Constellation Work is generational healing that supports the resolution of inherited trauma and familial patterns. Patterns that are often beyond conscious awareness. The work guides and moves the family system toward wholeness.

Our living strength and vitality is in direct relationship to the resolve and peace of our ancestors.

By living fully and independently, through belonging and the orders of love, life is lived through us. This strengthens our lineage and strengthens us.

This powerful relational feedback loop is our inheritance.

Who will attend?

  • Mental health professionals
  • Physicians, nurses and other health care professionals
  • Chaplains and spiritual counselors
  • Coaches
  • Organizational leaders
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wishes to engage personal healing and professional capacity

This course provides

You will get the experiences and resources to prepare you to:

  • Deepen the flow and understanding of constellation work in your life and work
  • Embody and practice the core principles of Constellation Work in the tradition of Bert Hellinger
  • Increase your fluency and interpretation of the Knowing Field
  • Apply the core constellation principles as a facilitator of individual constellations
  • Understand the professional skills, boundaries and responsibilities that accompany facilitation
  • Explore your unique expression and contribution to the constellation community!
  • Deepen your connection to your senses

    Constellations are experienced through the felt senses and subtle energies of the body, heart, mind and intuition

  • Connect and heal families, systems, and our world

    Constellations, the knowing field, hold the information of our lineage. We don’t have to “know” anything to connect and heal

  • Embody empathy as you heal

    Deepen your awareness and empathy as a representative which reverberates in how you walk in the world

  • Stand in the right order within your lineage

    Experience the truth and strength of your family, in your community, in yourself

  • Learn to interpret and guide systemic healing

    Constellation facilitators know how to read what is happening within the relational fields and support healing through alignment, order, acknowledgment and inclusion

  • Customized Mentoring with a Master Facilitator

    Get the unique support you need to transform, gain confidence, and thrive

Join and experience the transformation

Change Your life. Change Our world. In less than eight months. Training starts in March 2019.

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  • Tamara Roth, Author, Facilitator, Therapist
    I have found Camille to be a breath of fresh air in her facilitation style and the family constellation process to also be very liberating, inspiring and fresh. [read more]
    Tamara Roth, Author, Facilitator, Therapist
  •  Lj Ratliff, L.C.S.W. Constellation Facilitator, Sacred Heart Sanctuary Healing
    My work with Camille has been life-changing. She is both a skillful and graceful facilitator of healing, and I always feel safe with her. [read more]
    Lj Ratliff, L.C.S.W. Constellation Facilitator, Sacred Heart Sanctuary Healing

In this Deep Dive into the Way of the Warm Heart™ Constellation Training, you will learn

Are you done feeling stuck? Have you tried multiple methods and still feel helpless to create change?

Join the Way of the Warm Heart™ Constellation Training and find greater freedom in 8 months

Are you a practitioner looking to add powerful new skills to your practice? Contact Camille and apply to become a Way of The Warm Heart™ constellation facilitator.

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A Systemic Relational model of how to be and work in the world that includes constellation work as taught by Bert Hellinger.

    There is a deep need for repair in—

  • each of us
  • our family systems
  • our businesses...communities & organizations
  • our schools
  • our institutions and governments

Be a part of the new wave that is healing and aligning us and our world.

  • When Camille announced her upcoming Constellations training to be held in Nashville in 2018, I was drawn to sign up immediately.  Camille's work is pioneering, transformative, and creative, and I experience healing, peace, and a sense of alignment every time she and I collaborate. [read more]
    Susan Hilderbrand
  • Tunde Horvath, Master Certified Coach, founder of Gestalt Coaching Center
    Camille is a world class professional whose vast knowledge, deep insights, and gentle, but very grounded presence, creates amazing experiential shifts both at the individual, as well as group level. [read more]
    Tunde Horvath, Master Certified Coach, founder of Gestalt Coaching Center
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Receive life-changing, transformational training with a master facilitator. Eight months to greater quality of life and more freedom. Find ease and shift your most most challenging relationships for less than the cost of a movie and popcorn a day. Join me in Nashville (and online) for this Way of the Warm Heart™ Training

2019 in-person Nashville dates—

March 1–3
May 3–5
August 2–4
October 4–6

This constellation training teaches you the skills, tools and resources to help you heal on a deep level

Do you struggle with either of these all-too-common issues?

  • Tried too many times—and failed—to shift old patterns or belief systems
  • You sense there is another path that leads to success and just haven't found it yet

If you are really ready for change, this live in-person and online 8 month constellation training provides you with the tools you need to help shift systemic relational dynamics for yourself, your family and your work relationships. It can also change your relationship to your health, money, overwhelm and more...

Way of the Warm Heart™ Constellation Training
6 Payment Plan
$ 3,600

4 three-day intensives starting March 2019 (in-person or via online platform to be determined)

4 live online interactive sessions

An individual online constellation with Camille

A professional development online coaching session with Camille

Core Constellation Principles and Practices

Online learning modules and resources Systemic Relational Theory and Framework

Online private Facebook group for peer interaction and support

Need a payment plan? Join today and pay only $600/month for six months (deadline to register and get the payment plan is 2/15/2019)

  • Mel Kimura Bucholtz, MA, Ericksonian Therapy, The Tuning Effect™
    In her teaching Camille combines authentic compassion with creative strategies for her groups.  Her work stands out in a brilliant class by itself. [read more]
    Mel Kimura Bucholtz, MA, Ericksonian Therapy, The Tuning Effect™
  • I am really grateful to have experienced Camille doing this work with me and with others because of the way she attunes  to each of us in the field, which is nurturing, present and strong. I feel very attended to whenever I work with her. [read more]
    Janet (Berkeley) Heilbronn, MSW

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